What Is Google Algorithm?

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How Does Google Algorithm Update Work?

Google processes billions of queries, and the smooth functioning of this depends totally on three major factors, which are Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking. Google has its own data centers where each and every information is stored.

Crawl Website or Webpage

Crawling is the first and foremost process practiced by crawlers. In crawling, the spiders crawl the web after a search query is keyed by the user, finding the existing pages related to that particular query.

Index Web Pages

After crawling, the second process initiated by google algorithms is the indexing of web pages. In indexing, after finding the relevant pages, Google analyzes the content, video, images, catalogs embedded on the pages.

Offer Relevant Results

The third and last process is Ranking. Here, Google scans the indexed pages and also gives preference to factors such as location, device, and language. The purpose of this is to offer the best possible results to the user on SERP Pages.

Google Algorithm for SEO

Many search engines are present in today’s scenario, and each one of them has its algorithms. Google algorithm for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a way that tells search engines about the websites and their pages related to a particular topic. Google search algorithm uses keywords to determine the website rankings.

What Is Google Algorithm for Search?


    The rankings of the web page depend on a whole series of algorithms. Google search algorithms consider a lot of factors before providing the result to the user. The key factors that help in determining the results include words of the user query, relevance, and usability of web pages, locations, and settings.


    Google algorithm determines the query meaning and intent that involves spelling mistakes, and language used. Google synonym system helps to match the user’s query with other related words and offer the best search result to the user.


    Webpage relevancy is another factor that plays a crucial role in the working of the search algorithm as it considers the keywords that match with the user query and webpage content or title. Relevance signals help the search algorithm in finding the relevant page as the Google algorithm transfers data into signals.


    Google also considers the relevancy of the content of the web page with keyword matching, as it scans the information on the webpage. Google also uses the user’s country, location, past search history, search settings to provide them with relevant results.

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