Privacy Policy

GoogleAlgorithm is committed to protecting the privacy of the users by keeping all the information secure. All the details of clients and website visitors are kept safe in project management software. 

The Collection Of Information And Use Of It

GoogleAlgorithm collects emails, website credentials, access to social media accounts, phone number of anonymous visitors but does not share with anyone. The website visitors are contacted back with the collected information.

The collection of website visitor’s details happens through the contact form and email address. As stated above, we do not sell any information about our customers or website visitors to anyone.  

The communication with the users happens through the contact form and the comment box. A user can unsubscribe from us anytime by clicking on the link provided by us.

Cookies And Tools Used

The cookies are only used for adverts and caching for the fast loading of the website. The other tools used by GoogleAlgorithm for SEO and promotional activities are Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Screamingfrog, Moz, etc.

Change In Privacy Policy

GoogleAlgorithm updates the website privacy page directly for any policy change and sends emails to the customers who use paid services of our business.

The above privacy details are all true. GoogleAlgorithm may change the policies from time to time for any reason. Please review the privacy information each time you visit the website.