Privacy Rights -

GoogleAlgorithm does not share any data or cookies with the third party. We do not use any new technology for encrypted data.

Any modification practiced on the client website by the GoogleAlgorithm team will be sent to the client in advance for approval.

Guarantees - 

GoogleAlgorithm does not provide any guarantee for particular results of the projects. GA helps the clients in achieving desired results in a given time frame.

GoogleAlgorithm accepts all the responsibilities of working on Google Ads and social media platforms but only for the work performed by the GA team.

If a client assigns the same project to GoogleAlgorithm and a freelancer and both parties are working on it, GA does not hold any responsibility for their work.

The project timeframe is as per the requirement of the project. We do not charge extra for the proposed services, but if the client wants our team to work on other work than the services provided by GA, we charge as per the extra work, which is made known to the client in advance.

For the solution of dropping of listings position, GA suggests the changes. For making changes, GA requires edit access for the client GMB listing, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Google Algorithm also requires access to GA, GSC, GTM, Google Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages for promotion purposes.

Liability - 

GA team is liable for any delay in deliverables assigned to us. The delay in work due to the delay from the client side will not be considered an error by the GA team, and results may differ as per the receivables.

The amount is refunded after liaison with the client and as per the work completed.  If the GA team has not yet started the task, they refund the entire amount, excluding the fee.

GoogleAlgorithm owns its copyright from GoDaddy by Ravi Ahiriya, and it uses Royalty-free media.

Payment And Invoicing Policy - 

GoogleAlgorithm offers two options for payment. First, the client can pay a lumpsum amount monthly with a 0% Fee.

Second, the client can opt for installment payment, which is 50% Upfront and 50% after the completion of 30 days with a 10% Fee.

The rates of services depend upon project scope, complexity, and requirements.

If GA does not get the payment on time, GA sends a follow-up once in the first week, and before holding the services, GA notifies in the second week.

For invoicing purposes, a PDF is sent via Paypal automatically. For the people who do not use PayPal, our finance team sends the invoices.

Waiver Policy - 

Waiver of any kind will depend upon the work and projects. The Head team and finance team will take care of the settlement between the two parties.

Termination And Taxes - 

Termination of services happens if GA does not receive details and payments from the client after a certain period.

In context to taxes, GST in India, and for the other country’s taxes such as the US, it differs as per the currency conversion.