What Is Keyword Proximity in SEO?

Ravi Ahiriya October 3, 2022 772 10

Keyword proximity in SEO refers to the space between the two words, that is how close the words are placed in the text, if the two words are placed closer to each other there weightage and chances will be high to appear in the search results.

Keywords are words a user or a searcher type on a search engine result page to get the appropriate results.

Keywords play a crucial role in Internet marketing as a whole lot of marketing depends on keywords.

SEO professionals have to consider keyword proximity before the preparation of the content, whether it is for off-page submissions or for writing any other content for websites.

Let us understand this with a keyword proximity example.

Our keyword is ‘’puma red shoes’’. 

Now, look at the two sentences below with these keywords.

  • Puma red shoes are great. I love the color.
  • Great to have Puma shoes. I love the red color.

As per the keyword proximity rule, the first sentence the whole keyword or phrase is written close to each other ‘’Puma red shoes’’.

While in other sentences ‘’Puma shoes’’ and ‘’red’’ both the words are separated from each other.

So, if a user searches ‘’Puma red shoes’’ the chances of appearing the first sentence is more on the SERPs.

People started manipulating algorithms by frequently mentioning the same type of keywords in their content, due to which Google updated its algorithm.

The Google update that came into existence was Panda on 24 February 2011, which has assigned a quality score to the web pages.

Panda also states that it will not take duplicate, plagiarised, thin, user-generated spam, and keyword-stuffed content into its account.

Before writing any content, we have to consider more factors, such as the stuffing of keywords.

Keyword stuffing definition

The keyword stuffing definition states that keywords in the body of the content should not exceed the decided percentage as per Google algorithms.

Formula to find the keyword stuffing in content

The total number of words on a page/number of times keyword appears * 100

This formula will let you know the correct ratio of the stuffing of keywords.

Using the same words again and again in the content to rank higher on SERP for manipulating the Google search engine is known as the stuffing of keywords.

To avoid keyword stuffing, one should use long-tail keywords. Should not repeat the same words, should not include a list of phone numbers with no value, etc.

Another factor to consider is placing keywords in a text or content body. 

Keyword placement is placing the keywords strategically in your content.

Due to which it becomes easy for Google crawlers to crawl the website, pick the correct page, and give the user its search result. It helps users to visit your site and stay.

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