Top 5 Effective Link Building Techniques for 2021

Ravi Ahiriya October 1, 2022 395 10

Many strategies are there to build high-quality backlinks and to get a high rank on SERP, but in this post we will discuss the top 5 link building techniques 2021:

Online marketing has brought a revolution in the marketing industry, and building quality backlinks is a huge part of digital marketing.

Link building is a part of the off-page process of Search Engine Optimization. One has to build or get backlinks from a website that owns a high authority.

It becomes vital to have a backlink from an authoritative website because of the link juice that passes from one website to another.

Here are the 5 link building techniques 2021:

Link Reclamation

Link reclamation is the process of finding the broken links and then replacing them with quality links. The links can be internal and external. Usage of reclamation strategy will not let you lose the link juice due to the broken links. Link reclamation will help one in identifying the defective pages, duplicate content issues with site navigation, and internal linking issues.

Links that do not work are the broken links. There are many ways to find broken links:

1)The usage of different tools like Ahref, SEMrush, ScreamFrog SEO Spider, etc.

2) Usage of Google Search Console to find the crawl errors.

3) Installation of Broken Link Checker Plugin by WordPress users.

Similarly, we have ways to fix them. If a link has been opened and throws a 404 error, that must be due to misspelled words. In this situation, one can correct the spelling to fix the error. The other ways by which one can repair broken links are by completely deleting them or by redirecting them to another page URL with 301 redirects.

Link Outreach

Outreach is one of the techniques of link building and a crucial one. One should practice this skill with precision to save the business SEO strategy. The SEO professional or the website owner has to reach people and businesses to get their content published on third-party websites with the URL of their website.

The best method of link outreach is practicing guest blogging in your niche. Guest blogging is a content marketing and SEO link building process in which a blog is written by our company that gets published on a third party website. Getting backlinks from a high authority guest blogging website helps in increasing our website traffic.

Resource Page Link Building

The resource page is a page where one finds helpful links related to the particular topic. The resource page link building is a process where a website owner tries to get a spot for his website URL on the page as one of the resources. For resource link creation, one has to create resource centers to attract links. It will help in driving traffic to the website.

Here, resource center means to create a landing page, which consists of a link pointing towards the resource pages. Include images, bullet points, subheadings while making the landing page. It will help in attracting the visitors and making them user-friendly. Write and insert researched and good quality content. One can also use researched search operators to find the resourceful pages on related sites.

Black Belt Link Building Strategy

Black belt link building strategy is replacing the broken links with the more valuable new link. It also provides a quality link juice that helps in getting a high Google page rank.

Usage of online tools saves time and helps in identifying the broken links in bulk. The online tools are Domain Hunter Plus, Scrapebox, Majestic, Moz Link Explorer, etc. The black belt link strategy will be to find the broken links, find sites in your niche, search by keyword, create content, get links, create outreach email and track your results.

Internal Link Building

The fifth strategy is internal linking. Linking the website pages internally to each other is known as Internal linking. This process engages the customer for a long time to the website. It also helps crawlers to understand the architecture of the website. Using the correct internal linking strategy will result in the success of the Search Engine Optimization process.

Internal Linking mainly has three benefits:

1) Passing authority from one page to another,

2) Guiding visitors to high-value relevant content, and

3) Prompting visitors to act (call to action), resulting in conversion optimization.

Internal Linking Example:

A website home page usually has a higher authority than the other pages of your website. We have linked a blog page URL to one of the keywords of the home page. A website visitor clicks the home page and gets redirected to the blog page of the same website.

An SEO professional has to take care of Google Algorithm and updates before making an SEO strategy. In the same way, having a proper link-building plan is vital for gaining a higher rank on SERP.

Apply the above strategies in 2021 and share your victory with us by commenting below!