What is Link Juice in SEO

Ravi Ahiriya October 3, 2022 497 10

Link Building is an off-page activity that is a crucial process of search engine optimization.

Link Building is acquiring backlinks from other websites to yours so that the people who visit their websites will come to your website too.

Thus, this is how the link juice passes from one website to another via a backlink creation.

Now, the question arises What is link juice in SEO?

The SEO process is all about bringing a higher rank for the website, and link juice in SEO defines that.

Link juice, which is also known as link equity, is passing the value or reputation of one website to another, due to which it becomes necessary to perform link-building activity on the websites that have high domain authority or page authority.

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If off-page submissions are on high domain authority websites, the backlink juice will pass to your site as well, and it will increase the value of your website also.

As we have understood what exactly is link equity, let us discuss how link equity is determined?

To determine link equity following things should be kept in mind:


A backlink created from one site to another should be relevant as linking two links of different business domains will not solve any website owner’s purpose.

Site Authority:

We should try to have more links with the site having good domain age, as the backlinks from new websites do not have that much authority. The trusted websites pass more link equity.

Do-Follow Link:

No follow links indicate the robots to ignore them due to which they won’t have link equity. So, one should make sure to have do-follow links rather than a no-follow link.

Crawlable Link:

Robots.txt file blocks crawlers from visiting some of the pages of your website, due to which link juice does not pass from one website to another.

Location of Link:

The link location on a web page is a crucial point to consider, as according to google algorithm, Google gives weightage to the links mentioned in the body part of the page rather than the footer portion of the page.

With link equity determination, one should also know how the link juice works.

Link juice passes from one site to another, so it is quite possible that the websites having more backlinks will have more link equity and will rank higher, but always this is not the case as many other factors are involved in it. Here, Google analyzes the links and then decides the ranking of a webpage.

One more concept that comes in the picture known as link juice sculpting. Link juice sculpting is the usage of a no-follow link for preserving the passing of the link juice. Internal linking of the web pages also offers link juice.

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