What is Enterprise SEO?

Ravi Ahiriya September 30, 2022 275 10

Enterprise companies generally have websites containing 1000 or more individual web pages. These companies often belong to larger corporations and have a lot of product/service offerings. Therefore, optimizing and structuring these websites is no easy task. It is a different ball game altogether.

Traditional SEO tactics aren’t suitable for large-sized enterprise websites. For enterprises, it is more about website size and specific SEO needs. This is where enterprise search engine optimization (SEO) comes to your rescue. It is one of the most imperative strategies to promote your business’s sustainable growth.

Here, in this article, we’ll explore what enterprise SEO is, why it is important and how it differs from traditional SEO practices.

What Is Enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO is all about optimizing enterprise-level websites for better search engine results. At the core, enterprise SEO is similar to standard SEO. But it involves certain specific strategies tailored to websites with a high volume of pages. Because of this, enterprise SEO demands an aggressive approach that involves a combination of project management, competitor analysis, thorough market research, collaboration, and more such practices for optimal results.

Moreover, enterprise websites can have traffic ranging up to tens of thousands per month. So, if your website is not optimized accurately, it could cost you thousands of potential customers.

Why is Enterprise SEO Important?

Enterprise SEO is essential for large and complex business websites. Considering the number of stakeholders involved in such businesses, they tend to have their own set of challenges and issues which you don’t experience with smaller businesses.

For instance, if you want to publish a fresh piece of content, then you need to get consent from multiple teams, such as legality, branding, compliance, editorial etc., before publishing.

Similarly, performing simple technical SEO upgrades could require you to work with developers for weeks to come up with a specific solution. Thus, it is evident that enterprise SEO is not simply optimizing a website for better search engine visibility. Rather it is more about planning, strategy, stakeholder management, broader collaboration, and digital integration. Though SEO fundamentals remain the same, large-scale websites have an additional level of complexity. The sheer volume of web pages, links, and technicalities take the SEO practices to scale.

How is enterprise SEO different from traditional SEO?

The fundamental concepts and objectives behind traditional SEO and enterprise SEO are alike. However, differences emerge at the scale of operation. Furthermore, certain traits are unique to enterprise SEO and are not found in traditional search engine optimization practices.

These include:

Stringent keyword selection:

Enterprise SEO requires using competitive keywords with high search volume. Besides, it requires assessment of factors like search intent match and keyword difficulty for precise selection of keywords .

Automation and technology:

Automated optimization, content delivery, and integration of link-building techniques are essential for enterprise SEO because of the large undertaking involving scale and volume of work.

High Volumes of data:

High volume data implies you need to deal with optimization and analysis of thousands of web pages, in a highly concentrated environment full of several competitors. This is one of the most important traits that distinguish traditional SEO from enterprise SEO.

3 Key areas of focus when planning for enterprise SEO strategy

  • Keeping in pace with google algorithm updates and best practices.
  • Increased automation adoption.
  • Using data as the source for business intelligence.

Bottom Line

Enterprise SEO covers the broader scope of digital marketing. However, it primarily depends on the scope and specific requirements of your business.

While to get your business on top of search results, you need to keep up with evolving enterprise SEO practices. Otherwise, the volume of content, pages, and presence may fail to achieve cohesion – resulting in poor ranking and brand credibility.

If your organization has attained the position where it needs to work with several thousand pages, it is probably the right time to switch to enterprise SEO.