Actionable Tips to Defeat the Upshot of December 2020 Core Update

Ravi Ahiriya October 1, 2022

Google keeps updating its algorithms to give better search results to its users. There were many google updates released in the past, such as Sept 2019 core update, Google BERT natural language processing update, January 2020 core update, May 2020 core update, etc.

The recent update released by Google in the December 2020 core update. This update is somewhat similar to the updates released before.

According to the Google December 2020 update, marketers' concern should be the quality of the content and unsupported backlinks.

This update has the following guidelines, which are to be considered by every SEO professional and a content marketer. The guidelines include:

  • Match to the standards of E.A.T. that are Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness.
  • Focus on the quality of the content.
  • Build quality backlinks.

The E.A.T. has some more guidelines involved in it that clearly states that one has to include schema markup for providing extra information, have a social media presence, optimize the ‘about us’ page of the website, use content that follows E.A.T. guidelines.

Google's new page experience update has brought a lot of fluctuation in the website's rank globally. It has also resulted in the dropping of keywords, less traffic, loss of rich snippets. But, it has improved the outcomes on search engine pages for the users.

Here are some of the points to find out the effects of the 2020 Core Update:

  • Check which page of the website has lost traffic or there is a reduction in whole website traffic?
  • Take the help of Analytics to review previous traffic as well.
  • Check whether the traffic reduction is due to any changes done by the SEO professional.
  •  Are there any broken landing pages, low speed of websites?

If the above-stated statements are not the reason for having low traffic on the website, then it must be due to the core update by Google.

Suggestions to defeat the upshot of Google 2020 December update

Build Great Content

Content is the vital thing now to get a high ranking on search engine pages. The requirement is well-written content with the knowledge of an expert. It should provide real facts and analysis. The content should provide additional information and value to the topic. Write engaging content after proper research that increases the sharing of it on different platforms.

Keep User Experience In Mind

The interest of the user should be the priority of the website owner before publishing the content. The website and its pages, functionalities should be well displayed on the desktop or the mobile.

Site Security (HTTPS)

The website should have a secured version of the HyperText Transfer Protocol, especially the sites that require logins. HTTP work is to send the data between a website and a web browser.

Optimized Web Pages

One should have all the webpages optimized. The blog must contain the name of the author and its information as proof of authentication.

Strong Online Presence

One should have an online presence on search engine pages and social media platforms with captivating content.

We hope that the above-discussed details will help you to understand the new core update of 2020.

We would also like to hear back from you with your experiences with the new core update.