How Can Google's New Page Experience Update Improve Your Ranking?

Ravi Ahiriya October 1, 2022 590 10

Google, the popular search engine, keeps updating its algorithms from time to time to give the best results to its users, and an SEO professional has to work accordingly to gain a high rank on SERP for the website.

To improve the website ranking website has to follow google algorithm rules like website score, google page speed, etc.

Google has announced that there will be a new Google algorithm update next year that will prove to be a new google page experience in 2021 for the users.

Google page experience update 2021 will focus on the new feature Core Web Vitals, which will decide the future ranking of websites.

What are Core Web Vitals?

The Core Web Vitals is a new algorithm update by Google that has the motive to give a user-friendly browsing experience to its user. This will apply to all google pages as it will act as a subset of google web vitals.

The page experience of the website of a user includes mobile-friendliness, google speed test, HTTPS ranking boost, safe browsing, etc which all comes under Google Core Web Vitals.

Core Web Vitals consists of three main factors:

1) Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

The first metric will take into account the load time of the page. It will see how much time the largest element on your website may be a picture, video or a block of text takes to load. One has to make a website load test for this. As per the page insights, the load time should occur in under 2.5s. To improve the LCP score of your websites, consider the below points:

Image Optimization

It includes processes such as image compression, format conversion, adding width, and height description of the images.

Implementing Critical CSS

It is responsible for finding the CSS responsible for styling above the fold content. It is a great way to improve performance.

Minify CSS And JavaScript

It means to remove all the unnecessary parts from your website’s code, which includes comments, line breaks, and whitespace.

2 ) Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

In simple words, a layout shift is a crucial aspect of the user clicking experience with a website or a webpage. A CLS score below 0.1 is good. It involves two things: the expected layout shift and the unexpected layout shift.

The expected layout is a person clicking on a particular tab, icon, or anchor text and reaches a correct redirected destination. While in an unexpected layout shift, a user clicks on any anchor text, and an ad appears in between, taking the user to another page, resulting in wasting user time. To improve the cumulative layout shift of a website, follow the below points:

Adverts Insertion

Do not insert ads or pop-ups above another content, as it will result in a low CLS Score.

Image Attributes

Always add width and height attribute to the image as the browser will know how much space to give to the images resulting in reduced layout shifts.

Font Delivery Optimization

Preloading fonts and using font-display optional also helps in not causing layout shifts.

3 ) First Input Delay (FID)

It refers to the interactivity of a page. It measures the time a browser will take to respond to a click by the user. FID should be below 100ms, and your website is good to go. To improve FID, follow the below steps:

Break The Long Tasks

Long tasks take around 50ms to the main thread, which sometimes makes it unresponsive for the users. Breaking them improves the interactivity of the website.

Web Workers Usage

Web workers help in running the scripts in the background without affecting the main thread. Usage of it improves FDI.

New Google Search Console Report

A new feature ‘’Core Web Vitals’’ will be seen in Google Search Console. If a person clicks on ‘’Core Web Vitals’’ they will get a mobile and desktop report. The report will let you know about the poor, decent URLs of your website.

This new google page experience update will change the whole work of SEO professionals.

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