Google Smith Algorithm: Let's Find out How It Works?

Ravi Ahiriya October 1, 2022 390 10

Google SMITH Algorithm is a new Natural Language Processing algorithm for which Google has published a release paper.

NLP stands for natural processing language, which works to manipulate natural language like speech and text by software.

Now the question arises why a search engine uses NLP?

Well, NLP helps in understanding the strings to things that are keywords to entities. With the aid of NLP,  the search engines can clearly understand the context and tone of the search query with the content.

The ownership of the SMITH algorithm by Google does not confirm the usage or launch yet. The research paper has concluded that the SMITH algorithm will outperform the BERT algorithm.


Google’s BERT algorithm is the current model that is helping in understanding the complex language structures. The BERT model is remarkable as it works effectively with lower resource costs. It works unidirectional, which means it reads the query from one side while the SMITH Google algorithm works bidirectional.

For instance, if a query is made by the user ‘’A shoe with red color’’ and the search engine is working through the BERT model, it will read the search query from left to right and will show shoes that have red color as it has read the word shoes before the word red color. Here, if the search engine considers shoes, it may miss the red color as the search engine has encountered shoes before the red color.

Now, if we go through the same example with the SMITH algorithm. It will read the query from both sides and provide more accurate and precise results to the users on search engine pages.

Working Of SMITH Algorithm

SMITH algorithm stands for Siamese Multi-depth Transformer based Hierarchical. It is an encoder that helps in understanding long queries and documents. It understands the passages inside web pages and best for the bigger paperwork.

Lengthy paperwork is usually tough due to the requirement of semantic language understanding, considering document construction data for higher efficiency in document matching, and GPU/TPU recollection without model design.

BERT’s performance is restricted for longer documents, but SMITH performs better for long documents. The SMITH model does the heavy lifting, which the BERT model is unable to perform.

Google performs pre-training of algorithms on a set of information. The engineers mask a particular phrase in the sentence, and the algorithm foretells and fills those spaces. The pre-training is to make the machine more accurate in providing results to the users.

In the SMITH algorithm pre-training usage of masked sentence block, language modeling job with the unique masked phrase language modeling job happens. In a long text, the relation between the words in a sentence block and the relation between sentence blocks within a document helps in a better understanding of the content.

The result of pre-training concluded that SMITH works better than the BERT model for long documents and content.

BERT is one of the latest launches from the existing Google updates but not the last one. The core update was launched after BERT by Google. The SMITH algorithm model will prove to be a success in Google algorithm history once its official use is declared.

We hope that our readers must have an understanding of the SMITH model after reading the above information.

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