Newsjacking SEO in 2021 - Latest Technique to Improve Ranking

Ravi Ahiriya October 1, 2022 385 10

In this dynamically changing digital world, channelizing your SEO efforts in the right direction is very critical. Well, this is achievable by having a good acquaintance with the latest and upcoming trends. And what’s more important than this is using these trends to your best advantage.

Newsjacking is one of the currently trending SEO techniques known to have a great positive impact on your website’s performance. It is an effective way to amass large-scale public attention towards your business. Considering its promising outcomes, the newsjacking SEO technique is worth paying attention to.

If you want to capitalize on this trend, keep reading. In this article, we are going to discuss what is newsjacking SEO and how its strategies help in improving your website’s visibility.

What is SEO newsjacking?

The term newsjacking is a combination of “news” and “hijacking”. It is a marketing technique wherein companies use a current news story to promote their services or products.

The very purpose of using newsjacking for SEO is to connect your company or content with breaking news to bring people’s attention to your business. The practice comes in form of sharing a piece of content, advice, or updates around the breaking news story. It is generally utilizing a trending topic to boost your business recognition.

Newsjacking strategies to get you started

If you want to achieve optimum benefits from newsjacking, you must know the right strategies to get started with this trend. Here are the top strategies to gain success.

Find the right stories

To begin with newsjacking SEO, the first thing you need to do is to find out the right stories. Simply, picking every story won’t work. Rather you should focus on using stories that are trending and are prevalent to connect with your target audience. Moreover, your content should comply with semantic SEO. It should have compelling drafting and should be potent enough to address your audience’s concerns.

Refer to the Use of the right tools

Using relevant tools will play an important role in helping you uncover the latest trends and find stories that connect to your business. A few of the important tools are:

  • Google Trends: To keep you updated with trending news.
  • Google Alerts: To monitor search results.
  • Social media tools such as Hootsuite or Sprout to keep follow up with social media activities.
  • Follow influential people such as journalists or spokesperson associated with your business niche.

Apart from this, keep a track of google updates to monitor your website’s SEO performance.

Get it done at the right time

News stories change at a brisk speed. And with time the traffic goes on becoming more competitive. So, if you aren’t quick to get a hold of the trend, it is unlikely for you to make it to the top search results. At last, remember to use relevant keywords and hashtags in your content. This is because the Google algorithm will use them as a factor to feature your article at the top of search results.